What I Believe

These are my top five core beliefs about retirement and risk. Please read these principles before you and I have a conversation about your financial future. I think it’s important for you to understand the bedrock of my financial principles for the risk averse. These rules are the basis of my retirement and risk philosophy.


Don't Lose Money

You have a limited amount of cash that will flow through your hands during your lifetime. Anytime there is a limited amount of resources, you cannot afford to lose any of it. Protecting this valuable resource is paramount. It could take years to recover from a financial loss since time is a limited component that can't be recovered. I believe that as consumers we must NEVER waste our time and new resources attempting to recover what was lost.


Cash Is King

Almost every opportunity is capitalized upon by someone that can put their hands on cash. Very few financial success stories are "Rags to Riches." Most of them are all about the person that had an idea and also had enough cash to put the idea in motion. I believe that keeping your money in a place where it is accessible, yet growing is key.


Never Interrupt Compounding

It takes a skilled individual to position their cash in such a way where it is continually in growth mode. Consistent annual compounding growth will outperform erratic and unpredictable speculative risk. One of the most common mistakes Americans make with regard to their finances is a failure to understand how powerful compounding interest is. It's easy to see the benefits of compounding interest when looking at a rising chart of exponential growth, but then most consumers drain their account on big purchases because they are unaware of another way. Keeping your money working for you at all times is key.


Taxes Matter

It is impossible to avoid taxes, but I can minimize them. Every dollar that goes to Uncle Sam is not only gone, but your ability to earn interest on that money is also gone. Paying unnecessary taxes has a significant impact on your financial future. Taxes are the largest single expense you will ever have!


It's Not About LUCK, It's About L.U.C. (Liquidity, Use, and Control)

Having a large sum of money, but not being able to access it when you need it is useless. If LUCK secured your financial future, then financial planning would be done in a Vegas casino. True financial planning begins with making sure you have Liquidity, Use, and Control of your financial resources.